Plastic as a Commodity

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Silverman (2007), states that, “Plastic constitutes 90 percent of all trash floating in the world's oceans”. Plastic has become a well-known and wanted commodity around the world. It is a commodity that is involved in most things that we use; however, we are oblivious of its bad effects. In the article “Plastic is rubbish” it shows that in 2010 alone, Americans created 31 million tons of plastic waste such as containers, appliances, and cups (n.d.). When plastic is used this excessively it acts as a hazard and a harmful commodity, since it endangers the lives of many creatures including humans. The way this commodity is disposed off should be efficient and should not result in harming the environment either. To solve this problem, all governments should take action and improper plastic disposal should be made illegal and its production should be moderated to lessen its effect on the environment, human health, and overall on the economy worldwide. Governments around the world respond differently to the issue of plastic bags, some are in the view that plastic bags are harmful both to the environment and to human beings while others are in complete support of their use. Single use plastic shopping bags are the most common types of plastic bags around the world (Plastic Statistics, n.d). In most cases, these bags are distributed to customers free of charge by shopping malls, supermarkets and other shopping places after purchasing goods. One

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