The Ebol The Art Of Rhetoric

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As human beings we are always communicating with one another whether it be through speech, writing, et cetra. However, when we communicate there is usually some kind of meaning we are trying to convey or a point we are trying to get across. In order to do so effectively and persuasively, one should use the art of rhetoric. So what is rhetoric? In consideration of Aristotle, Plato, Bitzer and Burke’s theories, rhetoric is the use of language to persuade an audience, within a given situation, to take action they believe to be ethical.
Aristotle provides a foundation of rhetoric that is expounded upon by Plato, Bitzer and Burke’s theories in order to define rhetoric. Rhetoric includes factors such as language, situation, audience and ethics, which work together to persuade others of the common good. This definition of rhetoric is applicable to current events, such as the Ebola epidemic, and how it is conveyed to an audience and given meaning. The Ebola crisis brought mixed emotions to our nation and it seems everyone has their own opinion about what should be done about it. In his article, Charles Blow writes about how since the Ebola outbreak, our country has not been battling a virus but a mania created through politicians and the media, who both profit from public anxiety. Instead of putting our focus on finding scientific advancements, we have been led astray by such silliness. In order to prevent Ebola, we need to stop it at its source. The virus is taking heavy toll on

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