Plato Happiness

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Plato: How are you doing Aristotle?
Aristotle: I’m well Plato. How are you?
Plato: I’m fine. Do you have a few minutes to talk?
Aristotle: Sure, what would you like to talk about?
Plato: How would you define happiness, Aristotle?
Aristotle: Well, happiness has a lot of parts to it.
Plato: What do you mean? Would you say that having amusement and pleasure in life is happiness?
Aristotle: No, happiness cannot be pleasure and amusement. It would be foolish if we worked through hardship and trouble throughout life just for some childish amusement and pleasure.
Plato: If happiness is not amusement and pleasure, then is it more a matter of fame and honor?
Aristotle: No, I will not deny that honor is something we actively seek for. However, …show more content…

You can lose it, you can be robbed, you can spend it all or in many of other ways.
Aristotle: I still stand by my statement. In order to be happy you require a certain amount of a necessary good.
Plato: Okay, your argument is invalid, but we will continue the conversation of happiness. How do you achieve happiness?
Aristotle: Whenever we do something, we are always looking forward to some sort of end. We consider that end to be good. No one works hard for what he or she considers bad. For instance, everyone tries to perform their function to the best of their ability. If one performs their function with excellence that will make them happy. When you perform that function with excellence you are rewarded. Whether you are rewarded with money or praise that reward makes one happy.
Plato: So, you say that a reward of performing your function with excellence will make you happy?
Aristotle: Correct.
Plato: Once again, as you stated before happiness is something that cannot be taken away. That reward can be taken away from you just as easily as you received it. Hypothetically, the next time you perform your function you do not perform with excellence. You will not be rewarded the same as you would be if you had performed with excellence,

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