Plessy Vs. Ferguson Required All Facilities

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Plessy versus Ferguson required all facilities, including schools, to be separate but equal. Fifty-eight years later in Brown versus the Board of Education, the ruling called for “ be made available to all on equal terms” (Bickel 458). Since then, the US has declared itself racially integrated. However, looking at the various educational institutions across the country, this is not the case in the majority of the locations. In turn, this has created poorer academic standards among minorities, the majority of which live in these racially segregated and underserved areas. This is an issue which requires immediate action and attention. By increasing funding in underserved and minority schools, we can increase the amount of resources and allow schools to have the latest technological equipment. In addition to that, integration is important because “unless children begin to learn together, there is little hope that our people will live together” (Ryan 123). By increasing funding and integration through housing and busing, we can combat the poor performances of minorities. Increasing funding in schools that are in underserved areas is important because education is the main resource through which we can empower and encourage children to build a successful future for themselves. In a sense, money can buy a better academic education (Ryan 124). For my experience as a tutor at Central High School, I have noticed how the lack of textbooks prevents me from trying to
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