Plessy's Contribution To The Civil Rights Movement

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Steps Civil rights are the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. To attain civil rights many people black and white contributed to the movement. Some contributions were valuable and others had good intentions but were not helpful. The Civil Rights Movement was long and drawn out, but over time people saw its importance through many civil events that increased people's awareness of the movement. Court cases like Brown v. Board of Education and civil disobedience like the Montgomery bus boycott gave the movement most of its publicity. Even Though the courts rule in the movements favor most times in the south the new rule usually wasn't enforced. For example the case Plessy v. Ferguson was an attempt to show the nation that Plessy’s constitutional rights were being violated by him being forced to sit in the segregated train car. But this led to the decision that it was constitutional to be separate but equal. Which did not help the movement but infact set it back a few decades. After this case many civil rights activists had to work harder to abolish the segregated facilities and …show more content…

But these were not the only examples of steps forward and backward. For instance Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a civil rights activist from Atlanta, Georgia was essential part of the movement. He believed that nonviolence was the only way to stop segregation and to do it through the christian church. MLK led The March on Washington, multiple marches in Selma, Alabama, and he organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott. But in 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated this was a sad day and caused outrage in the black community but he became martyr for The Civil Rights Movement and inspired many people to continue his legacy.All of these demonstrations of the desperate need for civil rights and were gargantuan steps forward and were all

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