Plot Analysis : George Orwell 's ' Of Mice And Men '

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Plot Analysis by Chapter Chapter 1 Exposition: A description of the setting, which is south of Soledad, California. George Milton and Lennie Small, two men, are introduced. George, the leader, is small and quick. Lennie, huge and awkward, follows. Rising Action: The men stop. Lennie drinks large gulps from a pool of still water next to the river. George warns him not to drink a lot or he 'll get sick again. George reminds Lennie about their plans, but stops when he notices a dead mouse in Lennie 's pocket. Lennie picked it up because he likes to pet its soft fur, but accidentally killed it. George throws the mouse away, and tells Lennie they 're going to a ranch like the one they just left in Weed. George tells Lennie to get wood. Climax: When Lennie returns without wood, George suspects he 's found the dead mouse again. George takes it causing Lennie to cry. Lennie mentions how his Aunt Clara used to give him mice. He brings up the event that got them run out of Weed, where Lennie touched a woman 's dress and refused to let go. Later, he was accused of rape. Lennie offers to leave George alone and go live in a cave. Lennie imagines that he could keep mice in his cave if he wanted to, without George. Falling Action: George says he wants Lennie to stay with him. He comments that ranch workers are always lonely, but he and Lennie are different because they have one another. Conclusion: George describes the men’s future. They 'll save money until they can buy their own farm.

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