Plot in the Story "Happy Endings"by Margaret Atwood

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The game almost over, several seconds left, score is equal and suddenly you receive the ball right under the basket, you are not the best player of the team but you won't miss for sure. Everyone's eyes on you. What would I feel in this situation? Opportunity? Chance? Responsibility? Blood pressure? Stress? Tension? Writing "Happy Endings", Atwood uses the standard plot, characterization and point of view to make the reader think nonstandard.

I feel the same way after reading Happy Endings. I feel like the reading is not over and is going on in my head. John, Mary, Madge, James, Fred...who are they? Do I know them? They look familiar to me. "John and Mary fall in love"(69), how old are they? 25-30 years old. Where do they live? May be
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Atwood does not mention any specific details or a description of the characters, because she lets the reader draws and designs the picture to make the story real, so the reader could feel he is the author, he has a ball, and he takes the active part in this story - he creates the characters.

As I said Atwood describes people and situation from different social classes. She tries to make her auditorium as wide as possible. It is understandable. That is why the author makes her plot and characters simple without any characterization. So, we do not know the time and the places where developments are going. It gives the reader a space to make up its own details: ages, last names, jobs, salary, time and so on, which helps the writer to make this story closer and understandable to the reader. By using this non standard writing Atwood invite the reader to take the active part in her story. She lets the reader play with details and even more - with characters, she said: "if you think this is too bourgeois, make John a revolutionary and Mary a counterespionage agent and see how far that gets you."(71) Not even play with characters but make them insignificant for that type of plot. But from another side Atwood does not encourage the reader to make up new characters because it is not a point and she said:

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