Coming Of Age Film

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Another formal element that stuck out in the film was the characters. Each character played a big role in the film . We get to figure out each one of them as they start to make conversation between each other. The director did a good job of presenting the characters to the audience. Each character was relatable. Brian played a nerd, Alice played a dark, weird quiet girl, Bender played the bad boy, Andrew was the jock, and Claire was the good girl. Even if it was not someone like us , we know someone similar to their character. They all fit in to certain stereotypes or labels. Even at the beginning of the film we see imagery. Each one of them comes in a different type of car showing where their character comes from. By the end of the film , we get to see them break out of their stereotypes and not live …show more content…

Even the janitor and principal had a story to tell. We can see how each of them played a part in the film. Director John Hughes broke the use of genre conventions. The film was not just one certain genres. It was a few different genres. It was a coming of age film that was as well as comedy-drama. This is an example of a coming of age film because these high school students are getting ready to go into adulthood. There is even suspense in the film as to why these students are in detention on a Saturday. A great example is when they leave the library and they are trying to go back because they don’t want to get seen by their principal. They start to find about which way to go and this creates suspense to the audience because we don’t what the outcome could be. It could go several different ways. Throughout the movie they figure out they don’t want to be like the adults in their life. A few examples would be their principal, janitor, and parents. The characters in the film realize that they are growing up and trying to figure out what kind of person they want to become as they get

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