Pmg's Dilemma Case Solution

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Sierra, Please review my finding :) PMG receive billing pool message that the prenatal is not more longer under the prenatal care for any of these follow reasons: miscarriage move out of the state transferred to another facility High risk prenatal transferred to Christiana Care high risk prenatal program insurance start effective For some reason PMG just w/off the rest of the prenatal care balance as a bad debt w/off were is incorrect using this billing step. Sierra please review the correct billing process: PMG receive the billing pool message that the patient is not more longer prenatal. PMG should review the message and find how many visits the patient was being seen by WFH provider. If the pool message don't provide that information they need to email me or place a request on our returned Items for me to review the patient EMR. …show more content…

PMG need to indetify the prenatal care initial encounter where show the prental care full chareg fee balance. The biller needs to complete a Void and re-enter on the initial prenatal account balance and switch the charge fee amount for the total of the prenatal care visits that the prenatal receive at that moment depending on the patient prenatal scale Level.(WFH will be charge the patient for each visit receive as the same amount of her prenatal scale copayment). After complete the correct charge fee amount, the biller needs to remove the initial prenatal scale adjustment so the claim can show only the correct charge fee. If the prenatal don't complete her payments for the prenatal care visits receive. We need to bill the patient the final

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