Poem Analysis: Game By Donald Barthelme

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I chose the text “Game” by Donald Barthelme. I categorized it as a first degree of americanness because it shows how Americans act and their way of thinking in my opinion. Americans are always watching out for themselves and not always watching out for others. Also Americans are always saying “that's not fair.” Especially little kids when they don't get their way. Thirdly Americans are usually selfish human beings, they don't like to share with others. “We watch the console and think about shooting each other and think about the bird..” They are watching each other not knowing what to do. Americans do that same thing with one another all the time. Being an average person even just walking around in public, most people will judge one another on their clothing or the way they look and wonder if they could truly trust that person. Also watching over neighbors in a neighborhood is another example. You are friends with your neighbors but never know what they could be hiding. “Sometimes when Shotwell cradles me in his arms and rocks me to sleep, singing Brahms' "Guten abend, gut Nacht," or I cradle Shotwell in my arms and rock him to sleep, singing, I understand what it is Shotwell wishes me to do. “ Americans care about each other some what but not always, they always keep their guard up. …show more content…

That is fair. “ Life isn't fair. If everything was fair, then what would America be like? What would the world be like if everything was fair? Things in life aren't supposed to be fair, then others couldn't achieve their dreams. Things not being fair brings jealously. Like in the text, he called the man a mean name because he wouldn't let him play with his jacks. Life being perfect and fair to everybody wouldn't help

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