Poem Analysis : Tableau And Incident

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“Tableau” and “Incident” Poem Analysis Countee Cullen was a famous African American poet during the Harlem Renaissance in during the early 1900´s. She wrote two famous poems called “Tableau” and “Incident.” These pieces of American literature, both depict the racial interaction between the blacks and the whites at this point in history. The interaction with the two is shown by the way they describe each other and the way that they interact. These poems both use many instances of figurative languages such as imagery, metaphors, and similes to develop the tone and theme of each poem. Both poems ¨Tableau¨ and ¨Incident¨ have many instances of figurative language.The figurative language helps to shape the tone and gives examples that can show how the author is speaking. In the beginning of the poem ¨Tableau¨, Countee Cullen uses imagery to help the reader imagine how the two children interact. He depicts them as ¨Locked arm in arm they cross the way.¨ This symbolizes unity between the two and that both children are united as one; no different from each other. Later, Cullen describes the white child as ¨[t]he golden splendor of the day” and the black child as ¨[t]he sable pride of night.¨ Both metaphors show the difference in appearance with the two children but also shows equality. Both day and night are equal. One is not greater nor lower than the other. The quotes symbolize that despite the difference in skin color, they are equal within. In the poem ¨Incident¨, Cullen uses
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