Poem, By Mita Banerjee's Ethnic Ventriloquism?

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For a better understanding of how the national identity of Americans defines itself and in contact with Others I am going to take a closer look at Mita Banerjee’s Ethnic Ventriloquism. Banerjee starts her book by giving an introduction about a historic event: The Boston Tea party, where the Americans dressed themselves as native Indians in order to protest against the British domination. (Banerjee 11) She claims that ``this economic declaration of independence was […] linked to self-expression.`` (11), which turned into ``an ethnic form`` (11). She furthermore claims that this kind of self-expression can also be seen as a kind of self-critique. (11) Ventriloquism can be defined as: ``the ability to speak without moving your lips so that your voice seems to be coming from someone or something else, usually as a way of entertaining people`` (Cambridge Dictionary) When taking that into the ethnic perspective ethnic ventriloquism is …show more content…

It becomes clear that ethnic ventriloquism is basically ``a white subject looking at itself through […] ethnic eyes.`` and that it ``cannot talk about itself

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