Poem Titled 'Chapter 15: No Excuse'

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Chapter 15: No Excuse “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” Benjamin Franklin So what’s your story? Have you written it down? If not do it please? Oh did you have a bad childhood, shitty parents, unsupportive spouse, did you face abuse, neglect, violence, miscarriage, a loved one cheated on you? What is the permutation and combination of shit that happened to you in the past that is still keeping you trapped there? I know you are hurt, broken, trapped, heart broken, but so are millions of people around you in this world. Everyone goes through special hells designed specifically for them in this life time. Get over it as soon as you can because honey, that’s called ‘the human condition.’ It cannot become a ‘story’, an excuse for limiting yourself or destroying your god given abilities to make a better life. So please write your story and all your excuses. And burn it to cinders. Flush it in the toilet for never to resurface and spoil your chances of happiness again. I know for each human being this process of healing, forgiving and moving ahead may differ but you will have to make a choice today. And for the rest of your life whether to keep revisiting a dead past or move towards a better future. Is your life…show more content…
Who keep postponing things? I will do it tomorrow. I will exercise from Monday? I am one of them. My Monday for exercising has never arrived even after a decade! Tomorrow never arrives for the tasks one hates. Then there are dissatisfied time travellers. People who are not satisfied with the way there life is going at this present moment. They remember their glory days and reminiscent about the past. But are too scared to have a go at life for the second time or the third. People who overthink, underperform and for whom the time has stuck at some point in the past. On the surface they are functioning adults who have perfectly respectable stories and impeccable
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