You And I Will Certainly Agree On This. There Are Always

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You and I will certainly agree on this. There are always some people who live for, and always leave everything for tomorrow. The way I like to simply illustrate this is by saying, “if every morning we wake up thinking in do or make something only tomorrow, we will end up never doing or making it.”
If thinking, “today I will definitely do or make it”, our conscience will be set up to the realistic possibility of doing or making it.
This is true, since our lives demand from us actions. We cannot be inert, which means, inactive. For many times, almost all times, we need to be active. Even to passively receive something, we need to act, in the sense of setting the mind to wait, for instance. It demands effort when we are so used to a standard …show more content…

However, I would say there is more than 90% of chance for you to denigrate your brain much more than edifying it through these tools.
The question is not “How can I transform my mind in order to forget the reality” Or “How can I transform my mind in order to have pleasure and fun all the time.”
Take a look on the 2016 US political debates. Both parties had the same opinion, “we need to change this situation”. They interestingly claim, the Republican I believe the most, an actual transformation to bring us back to certain aspects of the past. That means, we are not actually better than we had been years before; the present is not good as the past was, and this is justifiable for different reasons. Leaving the obvious reasons behind, the one who matters the most is the increasing fear of human corruption, which reveals the “globalization” of this degenerated practice and the awareness of population. Amazingly, the biggest fear of Americans, according to a research from Chapman University in 2015, in the US, is government corruption. People are aware of the current catastrophic condition of human beings.
By the time I am writing, we already the new president of the US elected. The time will tell us if it was the best choice. However, I am convinced, no matter the candidate who could assume this noble position, that the central problem of humanity will not suddenly be changed. Any public organization in this world will accept

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