Poetry vs. Prose: A Killer Topic

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It started with an argument between which is better, poetry or prose, and it ended with a knife. On January 20, 2014, a Russian man was stabbed to death in the Sverdlovsk region over an argument of which is better, poetry or prose. Poetry and prose have various common aspects, though it is their differences that make each unique in how they are loved. There seem to be three types of people in the world, those who love poetry and hate prose, those who love prose and despise poetry, and the mediators that love both. There is no in between opinions in this matter. Although poetry and prose are undeniable different in their use of language, format, and structure, I found that their differences are what makes them both so beautiful in their own unique way. Poetry and prose use language to express the feeling they are trying to convey very differently. Poetry is a form of literary art in which the language used to bring vivid images to the reader’s mind and has a designed to have a very pleasing appearance in addition to the meaning of the poems. On the other hand, prose is the most quintessential form of language and is very straightforward. Poetry has a beautiful rhythmical composition to it, exciting pleasure by beautiful, creative, or even whimsical thoughts while prose is written without the metrical structure that distinguishes it from poetry. The language of poetry tends to be more expressive or brightened with comparisons, rhyme, and rhythm which all contributes to a
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