Point of View About Vietnan War

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Maria Elda Torres

English 1 A

Paper 3

April - 30 - 2012

Point of views about Vietnam War

Two known men gave his own points of view regarding the war in Vietnam on a

speech. A preacher named Martin Luther King was one of those men. He joined in

meeting to speak why he had some reasons to stop the war in Vietnam using a

compassion way. The other man was the president of the united state Lyndon B Johnson.

In contras of King he used a lot of patriotism on his speech when he explained people

why they have sent soldiers to Vietnam. Even though both speakers gave us effective

speeches, I was more connected with Martin Luther King’s speech than Lyndon B

Johnson’s speech.

Martin Luther
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Also, taking them to war is the most cruel thing that could happen those soldiers.

According to Johnson, “the war is dirty and brutal and difficult. And some 400 young

men, born into an America that is bursting with opportunity and promise, have ended

their lives on Viet-Nam’s steaming soil.” he explained that war is brutal and many

soldiers have died, however; he did not mention that those soldiers fight for freedom

when they do not have it in their own country. In addition, he said that each president of

America has made a promise to help and support the Vietnamese independence. Johnson

says, “Since 1954 every American president has offered support to the people of south

Viet-Nam.” Even though he tried to convince people explain how breaking that promise

would damage the president’s reputation, he did not convince me.

Martin Luther King description of the poor is more effective than Lyndon’s

speech. Explaining King regarding the programs for poor people could not have and the

fight that war did in poor families. Those points were powerful and touch my feelings as

mother. First, I have two kids and they are being raised in a poor community were we

depend a lot much on government programs. For example, the schools have programs

after school where my kids can stay
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