Police Agencies Implement Community Policing, And Problem Oriented Policing Essay

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Introduction Do Canadian police agencies implement community policing, and problem oriented policing? and if so do they work? In this paper, this paper will examine the two different styles of policing in a contemporary society. Community policing where the main emphasis is that the police and the community work together on issues, and problem-oriented policing where the police try and understand specific issues within the community. It will also examine several examples of different policing agencies in Canada, and what they implement for community policing, and problem oriented policing programs, and most importantly are they community policing, or problem oriented? Like many thing in life there are always critics of different ideas, so it will also examine the criticism on both of these policing styles.
Policing in a Contemporary Society
Problem Oriented Policing Problem oriented policing is the method in which police agencies focus their attention to the reasons of why crimes are committed, and the complaints of crimes from the public, with the focus on trying to better understand them (Goff, 2016). Problem oriented policing was developed by Herman Goldstein in 1979, he described it as a change in the way in which police function (Goff, 2016). Goff also stated the main premise is that crime needed to be studied, the police did not have the true understanding of the underlying cause of crime, it was also stated that if they did not do this there would be a greater

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