Police And Other Agencies Within Law Enforcement

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Police and other agencies within law enforcement receive multiple calls for service daily. They enter a world of the unknown, while being required to serve and protect the general public fairly, without bias toward race, religion, gender, or political affiliation. They are confronted with serious crimes that they must deal with at any given moment, on any given day. Law enforcement officers may receive a call-for-service to handle a domestic dispute where weapons are involved, respond to call where a pet was tossed in traffic from an overpass, and become involved in a [shots fired – officer down] police run, all during an eight-hour day. Police and other law enforcement agencies must always be prepared for the unknown aspects of the …show more content…

The process begins with a person reporting a crime, then travels through the system starting with the police officers responding to the call-for-service. If an arrest is made, the process continues through the system to the detention officer, the prosecutor’s officer, an attorney, the judge, the jury, the prison system, the parole board, and finally the probation department. The term “Discretion” in its purest definition can simply imply to have a choice in judgement. The use of discretion in policing allows a considerable amount of freedom to be used within departmental guidelines, referred to as controlled discretion (Gottfredson & Gottfredson, 1988). Police essentially have more discretionary power, regarding the liberty of offenders, than any other officials in public office. Police officers make numerous decisions while responding to a call-for-service, such as deciding if a crime actually took place and if so, the degree of the offense, whether an arrest should be made in accordance with the law, if a citation should be issued or the violator released, or if an alleged offender requires medical attention. All of these actions may take place prior to the offender being conveyed to the precinct for booking. Some may pose the question of “should the benefit of protection from police result in the loss of civil liberties of

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