Police Body Cameras: Article Analysis

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"Obama calls for police body cameras in wake of Ferguson" On December 1st through the 2nd of 2014 these were the words included in two prominent news programs including CNN and NBC. This headline along with the stories that they carried insinuated that the president's decision to implement funding for body worn cameras came from the situation of Ferguson. Ferguson is the case of an 18 year old African American male by the name of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014 Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson Missouri. The shooting and killing of Michael Brown prompted protest for many weeks due to the fact that he was unarmed and had been shot six times by the police officer. This incident raised questions by the public as to why young Michael Brown was shot six…show more content…
The familiarity of such cases is evidence to believe that one case or even many cases of the same caliber did not prompt the decision to fund police body cameras alone but a more influential reason can explain the decision for body cameras. A state of field assessment conducted by the police reform revealed that various forms of technology is being adapted or developed for law enforcement purposes, and there are many specific technologies, both current and emerging, that can benefit law enforcement. The theory that can best explain new emerging technologies that has power to influence political decisions can best be explained by the new media
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