Police Brutality Debate

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Are police officers always the good guys? They have killed 1,149 people from police brutality in 2014. Officers around the globe are supposed to protect and serve the people of the nation, but some of them abuse their power and force. The increase in police brutality in U.S.A. is a frightening reality. In the last decade the number has grown to 5,000 murders by police officers. Since police brutality is rising rapidly, the police department should enforce some changes such as wearing body cameras at all time during service, following the rights of the constitution and not covering up murder or skipping trials. The community needs to step up and enforce these changes. Citizens think it's time to take action and make the police brutality decrease…show more content…
The word proof is evidence or argument establishing the truth or the fact of a statement. Many people arguing during trial will give the jury proof to make himself or herself innocent in the case of police brutality or any other circumstance. You can use body cameras of the officer as proof and videos/pictures from witness around the situation. Some officers go above their limits and expectations. To prevent these types of circumstances police officers should wear body cameras. Body cameras have so far made very good numbers of improvement, for the people that wore it. But, 75% of the cops reported that they didn’t wear it in 2013. This survey was funded by the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services and conducted by the Police Executive Research Forum. So from now on we should claim as a nation that all police officers must wear their surveillance cameras at all times while being on…show more content…
But, some cases get skipped and are not referred to ever again. Citizens deserve a fair trial for every disappointing situation. Skipping trials is being ungrateful for your people. A trial cannot be as that the officer shot an innocent person just because he or she looked suspicious. Police officers need to take action only if it may be necessary. Skipping trials may lead to more opportunities for the cops to take advantage of. Skipping trials means that family get an emotional loss and a financial loss. All together for these people it would be a loss and a loss, no
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