Police Brutality Essay

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Brutal Honesty About Police Brutality
When you have a brother who is an adult African American and fits the image of the men being shot by police in the news you start to pay a little more attention to police brutality. Police brutality has been going on for decades, but now with the technology we have, stories about the victims of police brutality are spreading like wildfire. But yet no matter how many cases come up it seems as if very few people are doing anything about it. Police that shoot and beat civilians are getting off with a not guilty verdict. Police brutality in the United States has long been a serious problem even if people have only seemed to realize it this past couple years, and it’s a problem that needs to be fixed as …show more content…

(Mapping Police Violence)” These many sources show how big a problem police brutality really is by putting it in numbers that people can understand.

But the victims of police brutality aren’t just statistics, they have names. Levar Jones and Tamir Rice are just a few of them. Just outside of Columbia, South Carolina on September 4th, 2014 Levon Jones was shot by Sean Groubert, a South Carolina Highway Patrol trooper. Levar Jones was unarmed, so why did the trooper shoot him? Levar Jones asked the same question. In this incident Police trooper Sean Groubert pulled over Levar Jones and asks Jones for his licence. But seconds after Jones leans into his car to retrieve his licence Groubert pulls out his gun yelling “Get out of the

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