Police Brutality Report

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Police seemingly have the civic duty to protect and serve the tax paying Americans of the United States like most people who are given authority or supremacy over others; their privilege can be abused. The word “Police” is the civic force of a nation or local government, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order Regrettably, the opposite is happening and police brutality is an act that is happening all over the world, often being associated with police misconduct. Hundreds of police brutality cases have gone to court or have gone unreported, so the question at hand is clearly simple how is police brutality detrimental to the American people as a whole; not just color. Firstly, before divulging …show more content…

Blacks being second with two hundred and thirty three deaths, Hispanics third with one hundred and thirty Asians, being third are the least likely to die by the force of a police officer. What makes this so interesting is that whites are at the top of the food chain, while blacks are still much more likely to be racially profiled, sent to prison for longer sentences; black men are always the topic of recent killings which might I add have been examples of injustice. In the past year we have seen an increasing number of examples where the weakest and the most vulnerable in society are finding their selves criminalized and victimized at the hands of the police. The complexity of the problem doesn’t just stop here, if the police are targeting what is said to be more whites why don’t we hear more about it? Why is the media so immoveable about showing only black victims? If white people were aware that they were the main victims of police brutality, would more white people empathize with black people and help take a stand against police …show more content…

In my opinion I feel that people who only view police brutality as a race related issue are in fact a colorblind racist, it is both a race issue and an abuse of power issue which effects everyone. You should care about abuse issues regardless of the race of the person victimized. It isn't any better when the victim is White, which happens a lot too, just not as often per population but more often by number. Does that make all the White people abused in the system disappear because they are greater in number but less by census? Of course it does not. A person is a person. If another person of another racial group is suffering, you should help regardless of race. If you cannot do that, you are also a racist. It doesn't matter if the cops shoot someone who is purple, they shouldn't kill someone who isn't a serious

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