Analysis Of Beverly Tatum 's ' Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together '

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Racism is actually a topic that seems to be tabooed world-wide. In the first chapter of Beverly Tatum’s “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria” she discusses racism and all of its components. In this chapter she discusses white privilege, active and passive racism, prejudice and much more. Beverly explains how racism is “a system of institutional policies and cultural messages that is advantageous to white people and disadvantageous to people of color”. This would explain how white people continue to be at a higher advantage and benefit from racism. This would be called white privilege. In this chapter, Beverly Tatum also discusses the differences between racial identity and ethnic groups.
Even in 2015, there are still clear signs of not only racism but white privilege as well. African Americans are killed every single day yet people still believe this isn’t a racial issue. If a white person were to be killed by a black police officer in “self-defence” there would be total pandemonium. There’s many cases where a white police officer/person was able to get off on murder when the victim was black. Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, and Sam Dubose are prime examples of police brutality. There was even a hashtag that was started to raise awareness on these issues. The hashtag “#BLACKLIVESMATTER” is definitely more informative than news stations today. News stations are always able to twist the story to benefit the white person more. They’ll call mass
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