Police Conviction

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I took the time out to get arrested and document the experience. Well, unfortunately the officer said, “that could be a liability” it was a bummer but would have made a good essay paper. However, I did in fact speak to one of the campuses police officers about the process of getting arrested. The officer was courteous and began explaining the process from point A to B. Our arrest situation takes place at the Wichita State University Heskett Center. In the Heskett Center two people have just got into a physical altercation. The officer said the process would began with gather information. Statements from all eyewitnesses are need to figure out who was the enforcer. After finding out who the enforcer is, the officer said he would gather statements from him and the victim and then began to handcuff the enforcer. During the handcuffing, a verbal citation of their Miranda rights is given for several lawful reasons in the past. Before putting the enforcer or particular individual being arrested in the car a pat down is received to …show more content…

But, this officer insists on patting down citizens with the back of his hand. While doing that he asks the individual, “do you have any sharp or dangerous objects that can cut or poke me.” The reason for asking is to protect him from catching diseases from needles or cutting himself and going to get stitched up. Also, the patting down with the back of his hand is for men and woman privacy during the search. By privacy, I mean when patting between the leg area such as women’s vagina and men’s penis. The officer said that he preferers to pat down in that manner because some citizens will complain and say they were harassed when patted down. To avoid that he doesn’t use a method that could lead to that. After a successful pat down, next follows a long and usually depressing ride to

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