Police Discretion And Criminal Justice

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Police discretion is a unclear term that has an appropriately vague explanation. It is stated as the decision-making ability given to police officers that permits them to determine if they want to engage in police procedure or just let someone go with a word of warning. How it seems in drill is altered from situation to situation. Police discretion is a extremely essential aspect in acts relating criminal justice. There has been a daily predicament regarding the enforcement of the law. Discretion in the broader awareness that can be declared as the individual’s knowledge to make a ethical choice based on the standard of procedures of the act. Throughout practising and training, the officers are given different scenarios that they possibly come upon when officers are out duty. However, the scenarios given are not exhaustive and the police officers usually are challenged with challenging situations that insist on their personal choices. The laws don’t go over the full characteristics, consequently there are contentiously new laws and laws being transformed, permit the police officers to use their own discretion. There are also scenarios in which the law is vague and the police officer will neglect the different version of the law and state his/ her discretion in arriving at a choice (Meares, 2013) The quality of the police work and the work surroundings involve the use of discretion. A police officers works in an environment where they are often alone in their
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