Police Effectiveness And Police Performance

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This essay will describe the mechanisms by which the British Police are held to account, and will touch upon the paradox of police governance, the balance of unwanted coercion of police, financial stewardship and police legitimacy. This essay will also divulge into a discussion on the topic; is policing political? There will be an argument for and against, and the advantages and disadvantages to both sides will be conversed to achieve an accurate conclusion. In addition this essay will start by portraying the significance of Police Accountability.

Police Accountability in both England and Wales, became a national political issue throughout the 1980’s, the issues mainly alarmed those who had power over the police, who ought to manage them and whether they were beyond democratic control. However, in recent years these issues have lost some of their debate and accountability now focus’ on police effectiveness and police performance. The police are to follow the rule of law and legislation (legislation is where powers of police are derived) and are subordinated to the law. Police also have allegiance to the crown, which serves as an alternative to the state, as a central organizing principle of government. The model known as the tripartite system (shown below) conveys police accountability and is the essential basis of police governance. It is established under the 1964 Police Act.

The tripartite system evenly distributes responsibilities between the following:…
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