Police Is Too Much Research Paper

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As of today, the Police’s job is to ensure a safe and moral community for American citizens, but how much is too much? Many police officers don’t see themselves as the law, but they see themselves as the law itself. Police powers only allow for them to make arrests to keep the peace of social order. They are granted loads of freedom in order to use their judgment the way they see fit, but are they abusing their freedoms?
An officer of the law, while in training, learns a thing called command presence. In this, they practice and observe eye contact, stance, and body language, but once they put on the uniform, they change. They get too cocky and confident, and bend the law in order to fulfill selfish desires and goals. This can include excessive force, unjust arrest, assault, rape, and killings. …show more content…

Since then, an estimation of 1000+ innocent people have been killed. Now, you can argue all day whether, or not the officer’s actions were just, but the facts are still the same. The police are not permitted to shoot unarmed, nonviolent suspects unless seriously injured, or threatened. In 1985, a case in Memphis appeared concerning the death of an African-American 8th grader. The child was shot fleeing a home burglary. In 1972, another case in St. Louis was won. This case argued that an 18 year old, Michael Mattis, was shot unjustly. Mattis was shot while him and another teenage accomplice were caught fleeing a burglary at a golf driving range. The American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri Challenged the shooting as a violation of Mattis’ civil and constitutional rights. A few years later the ACLU won in the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St.

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