Police Jurisdiction Essay

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History of Police Agencies and their Jurisdictions Chelsea Peterson CJA/240 December 10, 2011 Professor Konopasek History of Police Agencies and their Jurisdictions The development of police agencies can be followed back to the Early English colonial days. As time continued, so did the improvements of the police agencies of law enforcement today. The first police department was established in 1731 was the Boston Police Department. Within each police agency, they also have their own jurisdiction of federal level, state, local, and private levels. The biggest protector of America is the Department of Homeland Security that includes jurisdiction of the…show more content…
Each jurisdiction can overlap with one another, differ in priorities, incompatible technologies, and turf issues can come into conflict (Schmalleger, 2009). State jurisdiction aids local and federal agencies in crime fighting, emergency responses, and investigation activities. State agencies include highway patrol or state police. Local levels of law enforcement patrol the local areas within towns and cities to maintain order and investigate crimes. Local law enforcement includes campus police, constables, sheriff departments, etc. The federal jurisdiction is in charge of the entire nation. Federal level focuses more on drug and human trafficking, immigration, gun and drug smuggling, safety of transportation, or any issues that crosses state lines and boarders. Then we have Homeland Security that protects America from terrorist attacks. Federal agencies include the FBI, Department of Justice, Homeland Security, and other federal agencies. “The FBI has primary jurisdiction for all domestic counterterrorism investigations and intelligence operations, but the USA PATRIOT Act and other post-9/11 homeland security measures emphasize the need for sharing national security intelligence information among agencies at all levels as full partners (Schertzing, 2007, p.190)”. Homeland security began their operations of March 2003 with former Pennsylvania governor Tom
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