Police Power Essay

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Police officers play a very important role in the communities they work in. They are responsible for protecting people and property, as well as enforcing laws. (Criminal Justice USA) Officers of the law have power, and with this power comes many responsibilities. Sometimes unfortunately, this power gets abused. Police brutality is definitely an existing problem. Firstly, officer’s abuse the power they are given. Furthermore, many officers are never even held responsible for their actions. Lastly, in many situations, excessive force is used and the problems could easily be avoided, but officers react too harshly. It has gotten to the point where some police officers abuse their power and become enforcers instead of protectors, causing more harm than good, and goes to prove that police brutality is a current, ongoing problem.
Polices officers are given lots of power. They are put in place to enforce the law, but some think they are the law. Victims who choose to file a criminal complaint against …show more content…

For example in April of 2015, Michael Slager shot down Walter Scott, a 50 year old black man. After pulling over Scott for a broken taillight, Slager returned to his car only to have Scott flee. Slager proceeded to shoot Scott multiple times in the back, killing the unarmed man. (Business Insider) The video evidence Scott fleeing slowly, easily allowing Scott to catch him but instead he proceeds to shoot him. The police scanner audio also reveals Slager stating Scott stole his stun-gun, but later runs back to where his stun-gun fell, quite a distance from where Scott was killed and carries it back to Scott’s, body. This is just one example of an officer using excessive force but there are many more. Some officers are abusing their power, and think they are above the law. Police should be there to protect but instead are shooting first, and asking questions

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