Police Shootings And The United States

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Modern Training During this day and age, police shootings have been occurring more than they should. Police officers here in the US typically receive training for about 19-21 weeks, and in the UK, training can be held for up to three years-- people are also seven times less likely to be shot by a police officer in the UK than in the US. That right there shows that our law enforcement should expand to more extensive training periods. With all of the recent incidents that have come about, the law enforcement and the public is starting to question whether the US’ ability to properly train our public safety units is being maintained correctly. With good cops come bad cops, with bad cops come tragedies, and with tragedies come new and more proper/modern training techniques. I do happen to agree with this editorial’s viewpoints for many reasons. One major reason being, I believe it’s a good outlook for upcoming police officers to see and engage in something so terrifying but in a virtual way. So if in that unfortunate event that something might happen they’ll know how to handle themselves and the situation correctly. As stated in the article, “...agencies have used simulators mainly to aid police in shoot/don’t shoot scenarios…” The shoot/don’t shoot act is still profusely important, however, shoot/don’t shoot events aren’t the only situations officers encounter. That’s why incorporating different scenarios into the virtual world would be helpful to grasp some knowledge before

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