Police Stations Are The Same

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Not all police stations are the same. Each police station has a different way of dealing with criminals and incidents in each state. There are a lot of aspects that make up a police station especially the San Diego Police Department. It ranges from officers to procedures to Vehicles. Some of these things are The Geographic size of patrol areas/population size, types of vehicles, the number of officers on patrol, arrest procedures, organizational structure, jail and detention, investigation units and methods. There are Twenty police stations in San Diego and they patrol a total of 329.6 Square miles. The San Diego police departments divide the 329.6 square miles into nine divisions. The Central, Eastern, Mid-City, Northern, …show more content…

There are this many officers on patrol because they have to patrol 3329.6 square miles and protect 1.356 million people. When Officers go on patrol, each car consists of two officers, also known as the buddy system.
The San Diego police department arrest procedures are quite unique. Police officials are authorized to arrest people without a warrant whenever the officer has reasonable cause to believe that a person has committed a violation of the Municipal code. Officers only arrest a person by issuing a misdemeanor field citation. When an officer has a believable reason for a person to be arrested that has committed a crime or public/private offense, they do not demand to be taken before a magistrate, they can be released according to the procedures set forth.
The San Diego police depart organization structure is the same as other police stations. At the top of the structure is the Chief of Police. Next is the Executive Assistant Chief Department Operations. They are in charge of the wellness unit, internal affairs, media and the Chief’s Office of administration. The third tier is Patrol Operations, Neighborhood Policing, Centralized Investigation, and Special operations. The patrol operations are in charge of the central, eastern, mid-city, northeastern, northern, southeastern, southern and water division patrol areas and the watch commander. The neighborhood policing are in charge of recruiting, communication, human resources, police foundation,

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