Police and Entrapment Introduction

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The use of entrapment to solicit defendants to be a part of criminal undertakings has been in the judicial system of the United States over the last centuries. With the evolution of the constitution and other important amendments regarding human rights and the role of the law enforcement in keeping peace, entrapment has come under fierce criticism with the government keeping its ground that it is a necessity. The two main interpretive views of entrapment are the subjective and the objectives views, each of which is equally applied by jurisdictions and specific courts. The fundamental concepts surrounding entrapment are whether or not the individual claiming entrapment has evidence that the person
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Criminal cases that involve possible or utilized entrapment defenses have sprung up across the nation and they have gained enormous media attention. The publicity that surrounds these cases is making entrapment to be a topic of debate that causes legal unease and public concerns. A typical case was one that involved Dane Andrew who was arrested in Tampa for a felony charge of a bad conduct with a child. This charge came after Dane planned for a meeting with a girl; he believed was aged 15, whom he had encountered on the web two days prior to the meeting day (Johnson , 2012). The detectives of Hillsborough County said that Dane, who was a computer technician, was on a business journey in Denver when he came across the girl in the Internet and started a sexually explicit exchange with her. This teen turned out to be a detective. This version of investigative tactics is gaining popularity and according to a Law Enforcement Bulletin of the FBI in 1993, the police often use trickery and cheating to get their hands on those participating in criminal activity (Gardner & Anderson, 2011). The shocking thing was that this bulletin scarcely discouraged nor condemned the behavior but rather to explain out the police officers can best carry out inquests to avoid covert investigations that lead to successful entrapment claims. Investigative methods like those used on Dane,
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