The Criminal Justice System Has Over Time Implemented And Changed The Means Of Sentencing And Punishment Essay

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Our criminal justice system has over time implemented and changed the means of sentencing and punishment for crimes. In the United States plea deals are accountable for 90% of criminal cases. A plea deal is an agreement between prosecutor and defendant in whom the defendant accepts a guilty plea to a charge and in return receives some type of concession from the prosecution. As we have moved forward in the judicial system and now have the ability to look back on previous cases, plea deals have become more controversial. The majority of awareness in this area has been used to look deeper into false confessions, grazing right over the fact that false confessions are a large part plea deals. A controversy arose when many refused to believe that situational factors during interrogations and dispositional factors inherent to the suspects could result in false confessions. (Redlich, 2010)
Plea deals go hand in hand with false confessions in many ways. A false guilty plea is essentially the same as a false confession. A suspect agrees to plead guilty to the crime in order to receive a lesser sentence. It’s not a coincidence that many haven’t heard or read about false guilty pleas, as it tends to be a large gap in research. One of the biggest factors of this is the lack of statistics in the area. If 90% of criminal cases end in plea deals that leaves only 10% that actually make it court. This means that 90% of criminal court cases are negotiated and ended without being seen by a

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