Police and National Crime Information

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CRJ 120 MOD 1 HW

CRJ 120 MOD 1 HW
Jerry Irvin
Allied American University
Prof. Barbella

Author Note This paper was prepared for CRJ 120, MOD 1 HW taught by Prof. Barbella.


Directions: Please answer each of the following questions. Ensure that your responses are at least 1-2 paragraphs in length for each question. You may include examples from the text; however, please include APA citations as necessary. Please visit the Academic Resource Center for a concise guide on APA format.

1. Describe the colonial period’s three legacies to contemporary policing. Then list and discuss two powerful trends in England and America that brought about changes in …show more content…

Department of Justice.

The agencies contained in the U.S. Department of Justice are: The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation, which there modern priorities are: 1. Counterterrorism: to neutralize terrorist cells and operatives in the United States and to help dismantle terrorist networks worldwide. 2. Counterintelligence: exposing, preventing, and investigating intelligence activities on U.S. soil; foreign espionage strikes at the heart of national security, impacting political, military, and economic strengths. 3. Cybercrime: to stop serious computer intrusions and the spread of malicious codes; to identify and thwart online sexual predators who meet and exploit children and deal in child pornography; and to dismantle criminal enterprises engaging in Internet fraud. This is only a brief description of the duties of the FBI which also consists of investigating bank robberies, white-collar crimes, and organized crime and drug syndicates. The ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) administers the U.S. Criminal Code provisions concerning alcohol and tobacco smuggling and diversion. The ATF is also responsible for enforcing all federal laws relating to firearms, explosives, and arson.

10. What are the agencies contained with the Department of Homeland Security, including their roles and functions?

1. The Directorate for National Protection and Programs consists of

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