The Fbi : A Intelligent Law Enforcement Agency

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The FBI The FBI is a very intelligent law enforcement agency. The FBI does many things and gives jobs to many people in the United States. Also they protect us from many things like terrorism attacks that happen in the United States. Another fact about the FBI is they work with local law enforcement. There is plenty of information on the FBI that answers the following five questions: What do you have to do to become an FBI agent? ; What positions are available in the FBI besides an agent? ; What is the daily routine of an FBI agent? ; How the FBI got its name? ; What type of cases do they work?. There are many requirements people have to pass before they can become an agent in the FBI. First one is candidates must be at least 23 years …show more content…

The very last thing that people need to do is get a conditional letter of appointment, then pass a FBI background check, physical fitness test, and medical examination ( There are many jobs in the FBI besides an agent. For example there is Intelligence, “the Office of Intelligence is part of the National Security Branch and overseen by the Directorate of Intelligence, who works alongside all sectors of the Bureau to ensure that intelligence is embedded in all investigative programs and FBI Field Offices” ( The Counterintelligence Division of the FBI was introduced to protect the United States from foreign intelligence operations ( The Cyber Division coordinates cybercrime and works to gather and share information and intelligence with public and private sector partners around the world ( Investigative Specialists manage, and direct investigative programs that are focused on violent crime, organized crime, financial crime, violations of civil rights, public corruption, and drug-related crime ( The CIRG’s Tactical Operations consist of both a national-level tactical team and a number of regional SWAT teams all of who are deployed to protect American citizens ( According to the FBI “The special teams and highly trained FBI Special

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