Policies Of The Criminal Justice System

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Policies and regulations have been created to maintain order as well as help with a better understanding of what is expected while performing duties. This is one of many reasons why the criminal justice system has created detailed policies to be obeyed and performed. Although, these policies have been set place to protect and serve there are still policies that need improvements, such as stop and frisk. When looking into the policy stop and frisk has aspects similar to labeling theory. Labeling theory was created to reduce crime by labeling offenders as criminals, ex-felons or jailbirds as a result of this deterrence method problems resulted (Lilly, Cullen, and Ball, 2011). When looking at stop and frisk the officer is labeling a subject due to their behavior, race, or gender, which could be considered as labeling (Wrodney, 2013). Although this policy was created to reduce crime from the streets, it has caused attention due to being profiled or labeled as a criminal because of race, gender or behaviors presented.
Stop and frisk was not established until 1968 when the Supreme Court evaluated the fourteenth amendment due the protection against unreasonable search and seizures (West’s Encyclopedia of American law, 2008). The fourteenth amendment requires law enforcement officer’s probable cause for the reasoning for a search and seizer to proceed, without probable cause will result in an illegal search and seizure as well as a possible lawsuit brought against the department

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