Policing : Proactive And Proactive Policing Essay

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Policing is a huge contributor to maintaining peace and order in Canada. Without it, there would be huge amounts of violence and chaos in society. Different types of policing has been created and tested such as; reactive, preventive, and proactive policing. Proactive policing has proven to be the most effective type of policing in preventing and deterring crime. “Proactive policing is the practice of deterring criminal activity by showing police presence and engaging the public to learn their concerns, thereby preventing crime from taking place in the first place”(Proactive policing, 2016). This method is better than the other two is because proactive connects with the community and analyze problems instead of random patrols. Although there are many types of proactive policing, the two most effective are; problem oriented and community policing.

Body (problem oriented)
Problem oriented policing consists of analyzing the problem, then solving the situation based on the background information gathered on that certain problem.
Goff (2014) explained the difference between proactive and reactive policing.
Instead of spending most of their time responding to citizen’s calls about criminal incidents, the police would become more proactive by directing their energies to the causes of crimes and complaints in an attempt to modify them. (p. 193)
The benefits of problem oriented policing are: less cost, saves manpower and energy, and provides an more effective form of policing.
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