Policing The Lives Of Black And Latino By Victor Rios Oakland

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In Punished: policing the lives of Black and Latino by Victor Rios Oakland boys are studied in an ethnography. The purpose of the ethnography was to examine the how the boys interacted with themselves, the education system and the justice system. The purpose of this essay is to review what Rios has witnessed and recorded, in his book, and look through the lens of different sociological theories and theorists. These Theories and theorists Rios himself used when describing the behavior.

Rios describes different situations and plights that afflict the boys of his study. He did so in his book by organizing the ideas by chapter. The first part examines how the police abuse and accuse the boys in their everyday life. They do not need to be
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They were subject to physical, verbal abuse, and an exile from their peers.

Rios in his ethnography kept himself as an outsider. He did not try to become one of his subjects to get them to trust him. Even though his past was like the boys which were his subjects, he kept his distance enough and kept the culture at arm’s length. This is shown in that he did not participate in crimes, and did not intervene with theirs. The reason I say he is an outsider to the study group is because as he states, “I had dug [my past] six feet under on the day I buried my best friend” (Rios, 2011).

A common theme in the book is that of symbolism in language. Pierre Bourdieu, a sociologist, in brought to light the idea of symbolic language. Bourdieu shows that there is two different types of language, signs and symbolism (Bourdieu, 1991). A sign is what it means stop means stop. Symbolism would be what the boys did in their delinquency, they acted out in aggression to thoughts of authority and get punished. In the eyes of the boys they saw that they received more respect afterward.

The symbolic power can relate to just about everything, including gift giving (Hyánková, 2010). Hyánková writes that giving the more expensive gift creates a sort of soft power by the one who gives the more expensive present. This relates to how the boys act to the convenience store clerk, who had a rule of no more than two kids at a time in is store. The boys got their items and queued in

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