Polish Nationalism in Chopin's Works

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Polish Nationalism in Frederic Chopin’s Compositions Frederic Chopin was born in the year 1810, in Warsaw, Poland and died in 1849, at the young age of 39 (Thompson, 113). He was also known as “the Poet of the Piano” due to his nuance, his expressive depth and his ability to conjure up the melody of the human voice from the instrument’s keys ( “Chopin epitomizes the figure of the “Romantic Artist”: withdrawn, temperamental, talented and doomed to a premature death from tuberculosis.”(Thompson, 112) As he had a small and frail physique, he used the beautiful tones, rhythmic flexibility, atmospheric uses of the pedal and poetic subtleties in dynamics of his…show more content…
For this example, the melody is not exactly the same, but the pitvhes of the notes are there. The rhythm in Chopin’s Bolero is slower campared to the religious folk song. Yet another example of Chopin’s nationalism is seen in his Etude in A minor, Op 25 No.4, which can be compared to the Marian song, Matko Najświętsza. The main melody from the religious piece can be found throughout the entire etude by Chopin. Like most religious songs from
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