Political And Social Upheavals Caused By War

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We have all seen or read about the political and social upheavals caused by war. Some may have even experienced it first-hand. Throughout history war has had negative psychological implications on those effected. However, there is no greater negative impact of war than the psychological and emotional turmoil that it causes individual soldiers.
To narrow down the scope of these psychological effects, I have chosen to focus on the U.S. military involvement in the Vietnam War during the period 1962 to 1973. The Vietnam War was, in my opinion, the first war that really allowed Americans to become aware of the psychological effects of war. While for many of us the Vietnam War has long been forgotten, our soldiers risked their lives in the jungles of South East Asia for a cause that made no sense politically, militarily and economically. They continue to relive the horrors of this war through flashbacks, nightmares and other symptoms.
American soldiers either volunteered or got drafted to serve their country. While most wars are fought through conventional means, U.S. soldiers experience guerilla style warfare for the first time in Vietnam. The North Vietnamese Army used unconventional methods of fighting ranging from, ambushes and raids on the Americans. Vietnamese were able to carry out these tactics because they were able to build underground tunnels to shield their soldiers from the Americans and allow surprise attacks on U.S. soldiers in the Viet Cong jungles. “From…
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