Political Correctness is Damaging America's Education System

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In today's politically correct America, everyone is a winner. Everywhere, from schools to homes, people are being told that they are perfect the way they are. While this may be a sign that we, as Americans, are living in a more peaceful world, it also can be disastrous for the workforce. The same political correctness plaguing our great society is also damaging the integrity of America's educational system, by preparing students to fail. Redundant praise and the faltering educational system will cause a false sense of readiness by forcing an ill-prepared employee into a profession that is above their skill set. Throughout America, the educational infrastructure continues to under-prepare students for future positions that require highly trained individuals to complete necessary tasks. In Daniel Bruno's “Entitlement Education”, he states, “It is not that his boss puts her foot down; instead, the job does. Our student finds himself not well prepared for it. He gets cheated because he is disadvantaged at his job---a job that he paid money to learn how to do” (252). Bruno also discusses in the essay on how motivated students are not fully prepared because the educational institute is attempting to cater to the un-driven ones. What Bruno covers in “Entitlement Education” is the staggering truth behind America's educational system. There are astonishing amounts of people at jobs who simply cannot perform their jobs to the necessary specifications. Its not necessarily that the

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