What Is George Orwell Criticizing In Animal Farm And How Does He Do It?

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Topic: What is George Orwell criticizing in Animal Farm and how does he do it?

"Animal Farm" is a dystopian themed 'novella' by George Orwell. It was published on August 17th, 1945 and is widely considered as one of the most influential books of the 20th century, according to TIME Magazine. Even now, the book continues to be read and discussed in numerous high schools and universities.

According to, George Orwell's childhood contributes to his life as a writer. He attended England's most prestigious high school - Eton and the elitism and English class system there caused him to be aware of social issues. He became a Democrat, and during his lifetime he was extremely critical of the Soviet Union and the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin. Unlike others, he became directly aware of how Stalin used terror for people to obey him. He thought that although Stalin promoted the political notion communism as perfect for all people of social …show more content…

The farm is renamed as Animal farm and has the principle Animalism as their belief. However, things start to go sour after the pig Napoleon begins to gain power. He chases off Snowball who was the brain of their rebellion and starts to blame him for everything that goes wrong. He changes the seven amendments of Animalism for his and the other pigs’ benefits such as allowing whiskey to be drunk. The farm becomes a terrible place soon, with all other animals starving and put to too much work. Napoleon becomes a harsh dictator, and betrays the ones who helped him in the first place like the diligent horse Boxer, when he sells him after he dies for more whiskey. Years pass, and the seven commandments become one rule: all animals are equal- but some are more equal than others. The pigs become exactly like the humans and the name is changed back to Manor

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