Political Irrectness In The Play Oleanna

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Picture someone patting someone on the back in the spirit of reassurance, now picture the recipient and notice that they see an opportunity to exploit a system in order to beat a dead horse. Thesis: The overall structure of political correctness is flawed, it does things such as create room to exploit language on a legal level, demean and create a useless pressure to be mindful of one's words. Not to say however that one should be rude. These reasons are why one could argue that the PC movement does more harm than good. The play Oleanna highlights how political correctness can be used and exploited to forward a personal opinion. Oleanna, a play written by David Mamet, is widely renowned for its unique style and appeal. Most of all, however, it is the story within that appeals to most people. In this play, a character known as Carol is shown at first as a student seeking help. Later on in the play, however, it is revealed that her appearance in the office of John, a college professor, had many ulterior motives. Over the course of the play, she takes advantage of “politically correct” language, using it to thrash John with increasing intensity. Carol eventually goes to attack John for referring to the tenure committee as ‘good men’. ”To refer to the committee as Good Men and True, it is a demeaning remark. It is a sexist remark, and to overlook it is to countenance continuation of that method of thought”(Mamet 32). This use of Political Correctness is clearly not the

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