Political Media 's Influence On The Media

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Political economy media theory identifies a socially critical approach that focuses primarily on the relationship between the economic structure and political force in media industries and the ideological content of the media outputs. China has a very special situation of the political interference which are much serious than other kinds of countries. In western capitalist countries, the media is defined as a separate news outlet with legally press freedom approval by the government and formal institution that are independent from the state. Thus one of the most obvious characters of the western media is press libertarian. (Reference)However, in China, under the control by the Chinese Communist Party, the media organs are the first and …show more content…

They argue that the Party utilizes the press staid mouthpiece role to consolidate political rule. For instance, Zhao Yuezhi( Zhao, 2000:3-26) argues that the Party is aiming to enhance political control through conglomeration and rationalization of market to the press. China’s Party Press is being transformed into what He Zhou calls ‘Party Publicity Inc.’ whose chief mission is to promote the Party’s achievements, image and legitimacy by means of softer, more friendly and responsive message delivered to its recipients. (He, 2000:48) While other researchers like Chan (Chan, J.M., 1993:1-19) argues that commercialization is leading the media away from an exclusive dedication to Party ideology. Not only the commercial and industrial nature of media and culture undertakings acknowledged and endorsed, specific commercialization targets and industrial growth goals were set by state media administrations. (Guo, 2006) Chinese government tries to keep validity of market without exerting political control on its traditional press content. (Zi,2003a). Just as Herman and Chomsky (1988:1-35) in the book ‘ manufacturing the consent’ argue that the ‘raw material of news’ passes through a series of five filter constraints, ‘leaving only the cleaned residue fit to print’. These filter elements continuously interact with and reinforce one another’ and have multilevel effects on media performance. Chinese media commercialization leads to a tendency assembling to capitalist countries,

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