The Peoples Republic Of China

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Chapter 1 Introduction and Methodology: The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) is engaged in a delicate balancing act; on the one hand to continue promoting economic liberalisation, and on the other, to maintain its communist ideological foundations. Market reform, or the transformation from a command economy to a market economy, has been on going since The Reform and Opening period, which was ushered in by CCP leader Deng Xiaoping in 1978. This contributed to huge social and economic development, which has had numerous positive impacts for the State, principally, allowing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to stay in power. However, in order to embrace market reform, the State had to relinquish partial control on their monopoly of information. This loosening of power occurred through easing restrictions on information allowed into China, and relaxing controls on who could influence the market. However, the State has also adapted to changing communication that came with market reform to stay in power. It has done this through modifying the structure of its propaganda system throughout different eras and using political narratives as a way to reconcile the tension between the market and State. However, the market has also adapted to the State through influencing the information and ideas that come with changing communication flows. Private firms have made cosmetic shifts to appear more in line with socialist values. More importantly, mass media has created

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