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Abortion is one of the most hotly contested social issue’s in American politics. It has been used as a political tool by the Republicans (conservative Right) to mobilize its opponents as a strong voting block within the party. On the other side, the Democrats (liberal Left) has use their pro-choice stance over the issue to mobilize women voters, along with other proponents who believe that abortion should be a viable option for pregnant women. It is in this context in which the political debate of abortion is framed in American politics. It is a highly polarized issue; in this paper, we will review articles from both the New York Times (NYT) and the Washington Post (WP) to see how these viable news organizations report on this very …show more content…

Eckholm seems biased in his approaching to constructing this article. He challenges the constitutionality of individual states adopting a post 20-week ban on abortions, referring to certain laws as downright “petty.” He spends a significant portion of the article either critiquing or factually seeking to debunk the legality of certain laws, exhibiting that he has a particular slant in which he is approaching this article. But he fairly gives time in the concluding portion of his article to show how both sides are again mobilizing in strong numbers. So the public opinion is on the one hand hard to exactly gauge, but on the other each side is receiving significant support. In Conservative U.S. Catholics Feel Left Out of the Pope’s Embrace By Laurie Goodstein, the abortion debate is fascinating because it gives a sobering analysis of the rifts that are brewing in one of the traditional staunchest opponents of abortions, the Catholics. Firstly, Ms. Goodstein paints a pretty impartial analysis of the whole story. Pope Francis I is very popular amongst Catholics and even atheists, but has chosen as one commenter said, “ [is] muddying Catholic doctrine in order to appeal to the broadest possible audience.” The Pope, unlike his predecessors, is not staunchly anti-abortion, leaving many of the staunchest opponents of the abortion movement in the United States, essentially abandoned by their pontiff. This is

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