Political Philosophy And American Political Thought

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I have applied to participate in the Hertog Summer Programs in Classical Political Philosophy and American Political Thought because of my passion for politics. This passion inspired me to become commit to the Major in Government at Georgetown University. A professor once gave me the following definition of politics as, “the resolution of conflict among the competing interests of individuals, groups, and or nations.” Therefore, the study of politics in my opinion is the study of how groups reach consequential decisions and resolve internal conflicts. I am interested in many dimensions of politics, but I have decided to apply to the Hertog Summer Programs in Classical Political Theory and American Political Thought because of my interest in the philosophical and theoretical dimensions of politics. As a participant in the Hertog Summer Programs, I hope to take an intellectual journey with fellow young scholars and brilliant professors that will deepen my understanding of the philosophies and values that have informed the America’s politics since the founding of the Articles of Confederation. This intellectual journey will help me to grow as a person because it will help me to better understand the values and thoughts that have shaped Western and American politics and the way in which politics affects our lives. I have an interest in politics because under the broad definition of politics that I mention in the in the first paragraph, politics affects almost every part of our

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