Political Socialization : Religious Values Vs. Personal Relationships

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Political Socialization: Religious Values vs. Personal Relationships I grew up around a wide variety of environments and an array of people from all walks of life. I was born on the island of Guam, a small US territory in the Pacific. When I was just a baby we moved to Claremore, Oklahoma. My dad was in the Navy and had been put on recruiting duty around Northeast Oklahoma. We would later move on to live in a few more small towns in Oklahoma shortly after. I don’t remember much outside of a few key elements of our house, our big back yard and bits and pieces from my first school in Mustang. I do, however, recall a strong religious influence particularly in the small towns of Inola and Claremore. My parents did not attend church regularly …show more content…

By that point in time nothing really shocked me anymore. I felt open to new ideas, new people and found it easy to adapt to whatever surroundings I found in. This was only solidified with two humanitarian deployments to Africa and Eastern Asia before I finally finished my five-year contract and decided to move back to Tulsa, Oklahoma. So, with my social influences varying heavily depending on which chapter of my life I look at it’s hard to pin point where my political preferences stem. It seems the easiest way would be to start with a topic I have a strong view point on and look at what I see what parts of my life had the most significant impact. The first topic being abortion. Throughout my adult life this is one of the few major political viewpoints that has remained un-wavered. I believe that each human life is precious and the act of casual abortion is immoral. I can trace this ideal to when I was a teenager living in Tulsa. We started as a family of six, but after my older siblings moved out and my mom took my sister after the divorce, it was just me and my dad. He worked two jobs so he was out of the house a lot and I began looking for other ways to occupy my time. I was in a new school and tried my best to make new friends and build relationships but adding that this was my first time in high school to the fact that I was new in town made it difficult. One day after band class a girl invited me to her church after school. I figured why

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