Politics During The Uk 's Education System

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Politics in Education Politics in the UK’s education system has been defined by the parties which have come into power and influenced the education system in order to reflect a party’s beliefs and ideology through legislations and the organisation of power and funding. In this concept note I will be defining politics in education, how it has affected our education system across the past few decades and how it is sometimes an unreasonable way to conduct an education system which is responsible for thousands of individuals which will make up the next generation of workers. There has been a labour/conservative alternation in power in the UK since 1923, and in 1944 one of the best examples of legislation and Politics influencing our education…show more content…
However, I believe that the eleven plus was based on cultural capital and was not a test of intelligence. The questions are designed to marginalise those of the working class, or those who don’t understand how to ‘play the system’. Most children will need a tutor in order to pass the eleven plus and additional books which are exclusive to those of the middle class and middle class ways of thinking, preventing those of lower income backgrounds a chance to pass which leads the next generation to fall back in to the cycle of deprivation (Murray, 1994). This also, is true to the conservative way of thinking. Some may argue that this schooling system was in fact created to create the illusion of meritocracy, a type of hegemonic regime that was in fact created in order to create a growing disparity between the upper class and a working class (Gramsci, 1971), dividing the UK into a polarising social and economic division. As a child in primary school in a working class area, where the students were mainly of an ethnic minority, the eleven plus was unheard of. This is evidence that there is a particular type of school and demographic and parent as well as teachers that expect their children to go to grammar school. As for me, to my parents it was unheard of and to my teachers there was effectively ‘no point’ of introducing the idea, as we were detached from such
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