Ponyboy Vs Bryon

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Throughout literature, characters have similarities when written by the same author. In the realistic fiction books The Outsiders and That Was Then This Is Now by S.E Hinton, both novels have characters that would do anything for each other. The two characters in these novels are Ponyboy and Bryon. They care for their best friends like brothers. Ponyboy Curtis is from the novel The Outsiders. Ponyboy is a greaser from the east side of town and has long, greasy hair. He has brown almost red hair and greenish-grey eyes. Ponyboy was 14 years old and smoked a lot. Some things he enjoys are watching movies, and running. One thing he doesn’t like is fighting. He doesn’t see any point in it. His parents died when he was little so his brothers, Darry …show more content…

Bryon has dark hair, dark eyes and a baby-face. He is 16 years old and 5”10. Bryon enjoys hustling and fighting. In the beginning of the book, Bryon is immature. In chapter 1, Curly Shepard tried to jump M&M but Byron saved him. Not very long later, he wanted to beat up a stranger because he was different. By the end of the book, Bryon was mature. In chapter 10, Bryon knew his best friend was doing something illegal and still called the cops on him. In the book, Bryon’s friend is Mark. Mark’s parents killed each other in a drunken fight so Bryon and his mom decided to let him live with them. Bryon loves him like a brother. Bryon knew Mark wasn’t the most legal kid in the world and knew he was hot-wiring cars and stealing money. Bryon never told anyone though. He could never tell on his brother. Although Ponyboy and Bryon are from different novels, they are still similar to each other. Ponyboy and Bryon both smoke at a very young age. They think that it can get their minds off of anything that is negative. In their lives, they have lost someone they loved. In The Outsiders, Ponyboy loses his friend Dally that was in his life for a very long time. In That Was Then This Is Now, Bryon loses his friend Charlie. In both books the characters don’t have full families. Ponyboy lost his parents and is raised by his brothers and Bryon doesn’t have a father and his raised by his

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